A Gluten Free Journey

My gluten free journey…



Welcome to Gluten Free California!  My gluten free journey began in 2013.  I was working in at the Woodrose Cafe in Garberville, Ca at the time.  I describe them as an organic greasy spoon, breakfast and lunch only.  While there I was exposed to the gluten free diet through customers and options on the menu.  It was interesting to me the many reasons why people had cut gluten from their diet.

One day I was watching my son’s baseball game, talking with another mom, and she told me that her son was on a gluten free diet- she believed him to be celiac.  Besides her son feeling better and not being bloated, his asthma had gone away.  This really caught my attention.  I have been asthmatic most of my life and was currently really struggling with it. I went home that night and starting researching the connection between asthma and gluten.  I was overwhelmed by what I found.

I then educated myself on what exactly gluten is and what the asthma connection was.  It was a lot of reading.  Some official research, some personal experiences, and so much more.  The next day, I ordered my meal at work gluten free.  For the next 4 days, I ate nothing but but plain chicken breast, rice, and salad greens with celery.  I continued drinking my morning coffee with half and half, other than that I drank water.  At the end of that first day I made a list of foods I would have to give up and those I could continue eating.  It was worth trying.

At the end of 4 days, I knew without a doubt that I should not be eating gluten at all.  I felt so much better.  The most amazing thing about cutting gluten out of my diet was that I could eat a meal and not feel sick to my stomach afterward.  I always carried mints around because they helped calm my stomach after a meal.  I thought it was normal to feel that way. I was really just poisoning myself at every meal.  That was almost 3 years ago and I have never regretted the decision to change my diet.

It has been an amazing journey with twists and turns.  The hardest part of changing my diet has been finding places to eat away from home.  Here locally,  I am fortunate to have options, traveling it is not always so easy.  I hope blog helps enable others to  embrace a diet that is right for them!  It can be life changing!

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