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Gluten Free Meat?!?!

Yes, it’s everywhere… For those of us who need to keep our bodies free from gluten, we have to check on everything we eat. This was one of the first ways I contaminated myself when I was first clearing gluten out of my diet. Things like lunch meat, sausages, and imitation crab or seafood all… Continue reading Gluten Free Meat?!?!

A Gluten Free Journey

Gluten Free, Glutenful, & Free Gluten

Glutenful is what my family refers to food that contains gluten.  They will ask, is this gluten free or glutenful?  It was a very normal, everyday question in our house for the first year after cutting out gluten.  It still gets asked by everyone, but mostly so that they know  if they are responsible for… Continue reading Gluten Free, Glutenful, & Free Gluten