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Dairy and our skin…

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After being GF for about a year, I cut out dairy from my diet as well.  Initially, I did not do it for my own reasons or health.  One of my sons was having problems with severe acne.  He got some nasty medicine from the dermatologist that require a liver test each month before the Dr would refill the prescription.  It worked until the 4 months were up and the they took my kid off the medicine (it is not meant for long term use).  The acne came right back.

So, I told my son that he needed to cut something out of their diet to see if it helped.  I gave him some options like gluten, dairy, or meat. He chose dairy.  Since I am the primary cook and grocery shopper in the house, I told him I would cut it out too so that I was automatically cooking and shopping that way.  He was skeptical, to say the least, but he had seen how much cutting out gluten had done for me and was willing to try it.

Within a week, I noticed a change in my own skin.  I caught myself rubbing my arms on the outside of my biceps.  My skin was so soft!  I couldn’t believe it!  I had always had these little bumps on that part of my arms and they were completely gone!  I felt my face and it too had some of the softest skin I had ever felt other than on a baby!  I couldn’t believe the change in my skin.  The funny thing was that I didn’t really think I had a skin problem until it was gone!  I always had a few problem areas on my chin and around my nose, but nothing really bad to make me want to take medicine for it or even talk to a doctor.  All along it had been my body reacting to dairy.

My son also saw vast improvement with his acne struggles.  So much so that he quietly stuck to his no dairy diet.  It took him about a year to really start telling others about the benefits of cutting dairy out of your diet. One day he was eating lunch with friends.  One of the teens ordered a cheese burger and fries with cheese.  That same friend was struggling with their own acne.  So my son decided to tell the friend why he doesn’t eat dairy.  The other teen found their waiter and took all the cheese off his order. The power of information sharing is amazing!

I realize that everyone is different and what may work for me or my family, might not work for you or yours.  But knowing that you can change your health simply by choosing different foods can really be inspiring.  We could have gone back to the dermatologist for more medicines, spent the insurance company’s money on visits, endless prescriptions, and tests. Instead we just spend our money at the grocery store that we go to anyways and don’t have all those extra trips to the doctors office, endlessly waiting for a cure.

I am not a doctor, and you should always talk to your own health care professional about changing your diet. I have talked with ours about the diet changes we have made.  You know what they all told me?  “Yep, that usually helps things.”  Why did they not suggest that first?  That’s another discussion, I guess.  As I said, the power of information sharing is amazing, so that is what I am doing here.  Just sharing my own information with others.

My point is this, your body wants to be balanced and healthy.  The types of food you eat is really what makes up that balance and health. Our bodies tell us that something is not right in a variety of ways- skin problems, digestion, headaches/migraines, weight, etc. Listen to what it is saying to you.  Try changing one thing in your diet and see if it makes a difference.  For me, I knew within a week of cutting something out that it had made a difference. If there is no change, then it is something else causing your body to be unbalanced or unhealthy.  Try something else for a week.  Your health is worth it!

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