Hello!  Thank you for visiting Gluten Free California!  I am a full time mom of 4 boys and a very supportive husband.  My gluten free journey started in 2013.  One of my boys went gluten free about 6 months later to be supportive of me and has pretty much stuck with it.  He does not get sick like I do if he eats gluten, but how he feels overall is so changed that he really saves cheats for special occasions (like class pizza parties).  He is a teenager.  6 months after that, my other teenager was given the choice to take medicine everyday or change his diet.  He chose to cut out dairy.  I cut it out of my diet as well so that he would be able to eat whatever I made for the rest of the family.  Our dairy free journey has been well worth the effort.  My husband and other  2 boys prefer extra gluten and lots of milk!  Pretty much everything I make at home is gluten and dairy free.  I do occasionally make glutenful brownies, cakes, or pasta for half of the family, but there are lots of proclamations to contain your gluten when that happens.  And honestly, the gluten free cake will be gone before the glutenful cake almost every time!

My family gets tired of hearing me talk about gluten to others.  Although, they are all very understanding and supportive.  they look out for me regularly.  My husband will remind the person taking an order in a restaurant.  The boys are able to advocate for themselves and others with food issues about contamination and the importance of what you ingest.  Even the 2 boys who eat everything, will advocate and educate.  I am very lucky to have supportive family!

Whether you are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, etc. it is really all about what you put in your body for nourishment.  I am not a doctor or health professional, just a mom sharing information that I learn as I go.  This site is put together one piece at a time as we travel around California for sports, school, family, vacations, etc.  I hope that you find it useful with your own food journey.  Feel free to contact us at glutenfreecali@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or suggestions!






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