A Gluten Free Journey

Gluten Free, Glutenful, & Free Gluten

Glutenful is what my family refers to food that contains gluten.  They will ask, is this gluten free or glutenful?  It was a very normal, everyday question in our house for the first year after cutting out gluten.  It still gets asked by everyone, but mostly so that they know  if they are responsible for not contaminating something . I generally cook all gluten free meals for the family with the exception of sandwiches in their lunches for school.  But, I do make them regular pasta once in a while  or a cake for their birthday.  Both of which are going to come to end in the next few months, as I contaminate myself every time!

Eating out has a whole other set of language we use to communicate about my food needs.  My husband tells people that I am gluten free and he prefers free gluten 🙂 I will take all of hers he tells the person taking our orders.  He sometimes asks questions when I don’t.  When a menu says GF on it, it is important to ask about the food I am ordering specifically because sometimes it means there is a GF option but I need to ask for it.  My husband has saved me more than once with this.  He will tell the server make sure there is no bread on her plate, she is a gluten nazi!  Some people laugh, others are just puzzled.  It is just another opportunity to think about what you are eating and it works for us!  He is really great about looking out for me.

Our odd classifications of food and silly humor about my food needs may not work for everyone.  But, we all have to eat and it is important to be able to communicate our needs.  My advice is to find something that works for you.  Yes, it is annoying to have to talk to a waiter about food allergies all the time.  And yes, my family gets annoyed hearing me talk about it.  But, I would rather communicate my needs over and over, rather than make myself sick over and over.  Besides, you might be helping someone else figure out that they have a food allergy as well.  It took me 39 years to figure it out and several people mentioning their own experiences until one day it clicked and I realized that I was also having that experience!


475w x 150h Gluten-Free Mall for Gluten-Free Foods


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