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Mariposa Baking Co. San Fransisco, CA

HOLY YUM! is what I have to say about the breads at Mariposa Baking Co.  I tried them while we were in San Francisco walking through the Ferry Building.  The telegraph torpedo rolls were just amazing!  And you can order them online!  If you are visiting SF, definitely stop here.  There is a lot of… Continue reading Mariposa Baking Co. San Fransisco, CA

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10 Ways You’re Getting Glutened By Your Kitchen

There is nothing worse than glutening yourself inadvertently!  I am forced to share my kitchen with those who prefer all the gluten they can get.  There are strict rules about where you can have gluten and where you can not.  Gluten Free School has some handy tips about preventing accidental glutening at home. Advertisement

A Gluten Free Journey

Gluten Free, Glutenful, & Free Gluten

Glutenful is what my family refers to food that contains gluten.  They will ask, is this gluten free or glutenful?  It was a very normal, everyday question in our house for the first year after cutting out gluten.  It still gets asked by everyone, but mostly so that they know  if they are responsible for… Continue reading Gluten Free, Glutenful, & Free Gluten

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Ace Cider (California Cider Co) Sebastopol, Ca

By far some of our favorite hard ciders that we have tried are from Ace Cider, and we have tried many different ones.  My husband prefers the Pear Ciders.  My favorite is the Joker. And the pineapple, I know it does not sound good, but it actually is super yummy!  We are lucky enough to… Continue reading Ace Cider (California Cider Co) Sebastopol, Ca

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The Mission Cafe San Diego, Ca

We ate at The Mission Cafe in San Diego in October of 2015. My sister went to college in San Diego and this was one of her favorite places to eat. She was pretty sure they had gluten free options. They definitely do! And amazing options at that! The gluten free rosemary bread was so… Continue reading The Mission Cafe San Diego, Ca